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Accounting programs

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Accounting programs

Quick work and document entries and wage calculations are the main drivers of this set. Accounting services are extremely dynamic with a large number of events that they have to carry out on a daily basis. That’s why we have developed solutions to enable customers to quickly implement the processes. Accounting services programs allow you to effectively monitor your business and easily interact with one another.

Cost-accounting accounting programs allow you to track customer activity and their billing.

Accounting services can accept receipts from their customers through the Odoo solution, thus simplifying their business. Check the possibility of connecting our customers to Hermes via a contact form.

HERMES Računovodski servisi

28 years of experience, more than 100 satisfied accounting companies and more than 200 companies that use Hermes wages and a clear answer for exactly Hermes.

E-Box Staff (electronic payroll), invoice delivery packages to accounting services, record of time spent working with customers – all of which leads Hermes solutions even closer to new customers and the challenges facing accounting services.

Key elements: accounting programs, wages, general ledger, invoicing, balance sheets, audit trail, electronic archives, document system, costs, customer connections, reporting, Odoo.

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