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4MAINT and maintenance

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Maintenance of facilities, machinery and appliances

The 4MAINT software solution is intended for all responsible persons for maintenance, maintenance providers, maintenance managers, occupational managers, and facility maintainers. The maintenance program 4MAINT is designed for anyone who takes care of the design and execution of maintenance work.

Objects of maintenance can be objects as a whole or individual parts, machines, devices, vehicles …
With the maintenance solution, we can monitor maintenance devices across different locations, plan activities and inform stakeholders. We can plan activities further and analyze them from various perspectives.

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Key elements: overview of maintenance, device management, maintenance activities, reminders, device counters, occupancy of operators, layouts of maintenance staff, costs, documentation, integration.

Reference: Rimc d.o.o., Hermes d.o.o., Celina Group d.o.o., Kostak d.d.

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