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Projects and costs

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Effective Cost Management

In combination with various Hermes software solutions, 4Build, 4Maint and Costumer can be used by builders, designers, contractors, supervisors, investors, project managers, analysts, financial and consulting companies, as well as all start-ups that want to manage their costs, activities and projects . It is also suitable for all other companies that operate the project and costs, and record their revenues separately for business activities.


Key elements: solutions for projects, costs, costs, work orders, projects, activities. RVC, Integration, Reporting and Data Management, Planning, Analysis, 4Build, 4Maint.

References: Asfalti Ptuj d.o.o., Kolektor Koling d.o.o., Hermes d.o.o., IMP Promont d.o.o., Kostak d.d.

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The purpose of the solution

  • Collecting information on project developments, costs and achieving RVC and monitoring at different levels and entities (eg project, site, cost center, resource, etc.)
  • Unification of analytical data and data structures from different sources and business environments
  • Creating aggregate data for reporting and analysis (BI tool for analyzing data from a wide range of aspects)
  • Integration and export of aggregate data into other business solutions

Each activity can build up its own package of solutions and a “unique project”.

Designers: DocSys Documents+4BUILD+4PROJECTS+API-hour consumption+BI
Builders: invoicing+DocSys Documents+4BUILD+PROJECTS+API-hour consumption+BI
Start-up: invoicing+DocSys Documents+4PROJECTS+4CRM+BI

It enables integration into different environments, in generations 4.0, 4BUILD, 4MAINT and other ERP solutions (MS Dynamics, Opal and others).