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Management of objects

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Management of objects

All managers of multi-apartment buildings and real estate as well as boiler managers have a software solution for the management of buildings, multi-dwelling and office buildings. It enables fast, simple, precise and efficient management of objects, transparent preparation of monthly bills and grouping of units into arbitrary accounting groups.
It offers automatic preparation of payment orders, debentures, invoices (e-invoice), automatic posting via electronic bank statements and collection center, and automatic transfer of receivables and payments into the general ledger.


It enables the calculation of regular operating costs, rents, maintenance costs and any other costs.

Web applications web.upravnik allows administrators to publish information on the status of outstanding liabilities and notifications by individual residential buildings.

Key elements: management of buildings, rent, boiler rooms, reserve fund, operating costs, dividers, web administrator, bulletin board, e-Billing, readings. Linkage and integration with accounting and finance.

Reference: DOMtim d.o.o, Rudar Senovo d.o.o., KOP Brežice d.d.

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