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Solutions called the Hermes.360 and Hermes Solutions represent the upgrade of classic ERP solutions with solutions that help us perform our work even more efficiently and with greater added value for customers.

Hermes 360

Standard ERP solutions in conjunction with 4BUILD, 4CRM, 4MAINT, 4PROJECTS, BI tools, E-BOX Staff, document system, HRM give a new dimension of usability. In this combination, solutions are found for both the service and production of the company as well as the public sector. Software solutions are easy to combine with each other so that the customer gets the highest added value from the ERP solution.

Key elements: ERP Business Solutions, Building Solutions 4BUILD, Maintenance Solutions 4MAINT, 4CRM, 4PROJECTS, BI Tools, E-BOX Staff, HRM, Mailing List, Documentation System, Salaries, E-Billing, POS-TAX, Hermes.360

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Stand-alone and vertical solutions within Hermes.360

Hermes ERPTrade programDocumentary system
Salaries and staffMaterial businesseReading
Accounting programsAgro BusinessIntegrations

In Hermes, we have business solutions tailored to specific customers and industries by the name of the vertical. These solutions are presented in connection with the software solutions in the selected branch or activity. Vertical solutions are related to construction, accounting services, housing managers, maintenance workers, utilities, agribusiness, public institutes and others.

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