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Months of reporting

Set up your own reporting system within three hours

The main idea is that the user from the data set can himself dynamically prepare the reports he needs for his work.

Hermes’ BI solutions are designed in a way that the consultant can quickly come to the first set of his own reports with the client (the condition is the basic knowledge of the rotation tables in MS Excel). Simple, fast and efficient – where the results are visible immediately.

Hermes BI provides an analysis of five areas: Sales, Saldakonts, Orders, Pawn, General Books and Balance Sheets.

It provides users with the opportunity to prepare an analysis of data structures at all times, as they are the key source of strategic information in the decision-making process.

The solutions are intended for analysts and decision makers to provide a wide range of answers to questions such as:

  • Review of sales by months, comparison with past periods, by salesmen, by commodity groups, by buyers, markets
  • Review of open offers and orders according to various criteria and periods
  • Overview of profitability (margins, RVC) by commodity groups, products, customers, markets
  • Review of costs by months, by type of cost, comparison with past periods, by business units, projects
  • Review of business results by business units, by months, comparison with previous periods

Access rights are regulated through BI-Manager.

  • Arrange for a term through:
  • Installation packages will be installed remotely to your database
  • At a joint meeting or at a distance, we will together make the top 10 reports of your choice
  • Free 3-hour education and the production of 10 reports for the client
  • 1 month free use of the installed system

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